October 13, 2008

Skirt #2

So, this is the second skirt that I made during the retreat. It's the same ol' same ol' Simplicity Skirt that I make all the time. This thing just fits and I like the gentle "A" line. The pattern is Simplicity 5914, which got dubbed as the Carolyn skirt many, many years ago. And that's how I still think about it. The fabric is a cotton with a slight stretch. It was purchased at Stitches in Seattle. This little piece of fabric was purchased to make a fun skirt for The Musical One - but she didn't love it. I however do and it was it's time. Start to finish - this skirt takes about an hour to sew. I made 3 versions of it at the Spring Retreat, the brown corduroy skirt is a variation on the theme and now this one.
I did however want to add heavy white top stitching down the seam lines - but I grabbed pearl cotton which is really for making heavy rolled hems with a serger. I couldn't get it to play nice with the sewing machine - even with a huge top stitching needle. So, it got stitched with the construction thread. The skirt was comfortable to wear and I just paired it with a white tee.
Of course the big dogs had to be in the photo shoot - that's Beau sitting and Lucy standing in the top photo. Beau got bored and left before the second photo and Lucy sat down.


  1. That skirt is WAY TOO CUTE! I love the fabric and it looks great with the simple t-shirt. You look fantastic.

  2. I love the skirt. The Knight loves your big dogs. (He looked at lots of bloodhounds and about ten other breeds last night, reading the different pros/cons statements about each...)

  3. It looks great on you, and I like that it's color coordinated with the big kids. Clearly they think the camera is supposed to be pointed at them, don't they?

  4. What a cheery skirt! I love the print and the design works well on you. Abby joins in the photos with me also :-)

  5. Tip for topstitching with pearl cotton: Wind it onto a bobbin (you might need to do this by hand) and sew from the back. You might need to loosen the tension on your bobbin case a little to let the bigger thread pass freely; but it's much easier doing it this way than battling with all the thread guides and needle!

    Also, if your machine hs a "triple stitch" - where each stitched it stitched three times? That works really well for topstitching with ordinary thread.

  6. I love the skirt in that print! Gorgeous! And you know my motto if the pattern works for you just keep on using it! *LOL*


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