October 30, 2008

Reclaimed Yarn

This morning while I was getting ready to leave the house. I noticed there were 2 hand knit sweaters in my closet that I didn't love. They were scratchy or too short or something - but they just didn't get worn. They were bulky too, so they were taking up more than their fair share of closet space. So, instead of knitting - I threw both sweaters into my bag to take to knit night. And that's what I did - reclaimed yarn. It wasn't being worn. The first is a beautiful bulky wool. It has been given to The Musical One and she is now knitting a new scarf playing with yarn overs and knit 2 togethers. She still hasn't taken a class to learn to purl. Frankly - there's not much you can do with just knitting.
The second reclaimed yarn was Noro Silk Garden. This had been a sleeveless turtleneck shell knit in a mock cable pattern. Even sleeveless this top used 6 balls of Noro - it wasn't inexpensive. It was lovely, the colors were rich and vibrant - but I did.not.like.it. So more yarn for The Musical One. I will be searching Ravelry for knit only patterns.
Won't these make fabulous holiday gifts? I hope she enjoys knitting with them.


  1. Ooh, what a great idea!! That purple/green ball in the bottom picture is absolutely LOVELY. I wish I could find something in that same color combination, but in a material I could touch without getting all hive-y!

  2. gee, thanks! that's the sweater I knit you.
    hee hee. that is a great idea to reclaim your yarn....own that yarn, SISTER!!
    I love me some Noro Silk Garden, but imagine it WOULD make a pretty itchy sweater. Maybe some cute gloves? Remember that Noro Kureyon i bought when you guys were here, and started knitting the gloves on the way to Niagara Falls? Yeah...still on the needles....Now that i have snow, maybe i will finish them? OH...i started the sleeves on J's sweater! Lost power for a bit yesterday, so knit for a bit!

  3. What a brave, smart thing to do! Yarn isn't cheap, so if you don't love it... reclaim it.

  4. What a great idea! I've never done it. I can think of some gorgeous yarn that has gone to GoodWill in the past .....UGH! Would have made some gorgeous things.


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