October 5, 2008

Seriously, How Hard Is It?

So, the other day my co-worker was wearing the cutest skirt. Tons of sass and a great flippy hem. Well it was fabulous! I kept looking at her skirt, until she finally said, I'll bring it in tomorrow and you can figure it out. I said, I think I've got it. So, Friday I took the "Carolyn Skirt" and altered it. I cut the side panels in two, adding seam allowances and half a godet. I measured out 1.75" from the side seam and up 8" and connected the dots. I also added the same godet on the back piece, but not the front. It didn't take me long to put it together. But when I tried it on, too big! Seriously! What is wrong with me? I can pinch 2" out of the side seam, which really equals 4" too big. I've got 9 seams to take 4" out of because I'm not taking out the beautiful invisible zipper that I put in. I would like to have this done before I head off to retreat. UGH! Plans for retreat include flannel pajama pants, skirts, hopefully a knit dress or two.


  1. 4" too big! Four Inches! Bravo!

    I always have trouble taking things apart evenly. 4" would equal 1/4" out of each seam excluding the zipper. What a pain! But your pattern is 4" too big! Now that is something to write home about!

  2. HAY! Is that blonde hair???? HOW CUTE is your hair????
    Sorry, no help from me with the skirt...all my skirt materials, and skirt making books are sitting very nicely on the shelf..mocking me.


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