October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

One fabric - 2 skirts finished. The first one is an OOP Simplicity. It was introduced here. This skirt went together easily and it's a cute flirty shape. The tights I ordered have come in already so, as soon as I get the tops sewn it will be good to go.
The second skirt is from one of my all time favorite Kwik Sew patterns - it's 3337. I have never made this skirt from anything but a cotton or heavier fabric. While I was at retreat, some one challenged me to make it in fabric with more drape - so here you have it. This photo is unhemmed and you can see how uneven it was. That was in attempt to keep the plaid matched at the seams.
I also hemmed a top that came home from retreat without a hem. Not to shabby since I really one had 1 day to sew for me.


  1. Holy crap, that top skirt is freaking cute...as is houndie! Who is that? Dudley or Miss Abigail?

  2. I love both of them. I'm checking out those patterns. Please, do take pictures with the tights. Am eager to see.

  3. Love 'em. Keep this up and you might inspire me to learn to sew...

  4. They both look great. Love the Basset Hound checking out the first one. Now, don't let Lou keep these too long!

  5. I really like the one with the side treatments (top left). Very cute.

  6. I bet that skirt looks great on you!


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