October 31, 2008

Because I'm Too Lazy to Find Old Holiday Photos

The meme : 4 Things I Did Today: ::Stopped at 2 cups of coffee, even though I really wanted more ::Kissed JB ::Remembered to eat before my workout ::Worked out 4 Things on My To-Do List: ::Laundry - there's not much this week ::Fix this for dinner
::Sort old photographs and organize
::Send an email to the Neighborhood ASG 4 of My Guiltiest Pleasures:
::Adding Baileys to my coffee
::JB's homemade cheesecake
::Sneaking Dudley onto the couch for a cuddle
::Taking only one dog for a solo walk
4 Random Facts About Me:
::I once hit myself in the mouth with a baseball bat
::Because I was very overweight in my life, I see myself that way when I look in the mirror
::I swore I wouldn't blog without photos during 2008 - so far I've lived up to it.
::I went to school to be a paralegal and I'm currently working as a bookkeeper in a law office and I don't enjoy it at all


  1. Sort and organize old photos? Man, this must be a long term to-do list! Mine are unsorted back to 2002. Homemade cheesecake would be one of the best guilty pleasures ever!

  2. OH boy.....JB's homemade cheesecake is the BEST indulgence there is!!!!

  3. Bailey's over JB's cheesecake?


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