October 26, 2008


from the time JB was 34 he has told everyone that he was 4. You know because dogs age 7 years for every calendar year, so he was going to count in dog years and then he doesn't have to act like an adult. So, this year he turned 7 - finally! On Friday night we had dinner with friends. Her favorite holiday is Halloween so she decided showing up in costume would be big fun. The only costume JB has is an elephant - so that's what he went as. He even took their dogs for an after dinner walk wearing his costume! As an aside - if you're a lover of all things pumpkin - you have to try this. Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage. It was served for dinner on Friday and it was fabulous. I'll be making it again this week for Halloween. Since Saturday was his birthday. Last week (nothing like a little procrastination) I ordered 5 yards of Eagles logo cotton and 3 yards of Eagles logo fleece. The package was delivered on Friday and contained the fleece, but the cotton that was sent was Raiders! So, no cotton pj pants, but I did manage to whip up McCalls 5538, I made view A, shortening it by 3" in the body and omitting the zipper and pockets. It's meant to be a cozy around the house shirt. I could have shortened the sleeves by 3" too! Oh well, I have enough of the logo fleece left to use it as contrast on another. This time I will use black fleece for the main body, putting the pocket on the sleeve in contrast, appliqueing part of the logo on the other sleeve and putting the pockets on the outside, again in the contrast.


  1. Happy Birthday to that goofy elephant!!!

  2. Happy 7th to you, J.
    and to G... guess what KnitPicks left out of my order? The damn teal dye. I'm re-dyeing with something else, because I wanted to get the yarn out to you two weeks ago. Ah, well. It's not like the average seven year old would likely care, right?

    p.s. totally bombing my weigh-in tomorrow. Halloween party fare too good to refuse. I may have bloat now. *groan*

  3. Happy 7th to J, and I don't know what else you wrote after that because I'm making my grocery list. Sissy and I only need heavy cream, I do believe... Guess what we're having for dinner?!

  4. So, how's being married to a 7 year old? Of course he has an elephant costume. All boys love elephants. Did I ever tell you that my dearly beloved once tried to adopt an elephant? Yes, really. And my 12 year old recently commented that it's funny that a creature so big could be so cute. So the costume makes sense. Great shirt; too bad the shipment was messed up!

  5. Love that Eagles shirt! I am going to try that pasta for sure. Sounds terrific.

    I hope they replace the Oakland fabric. Figures... after we have tried to find the non-fleece Philadelphia fabric for so long that it gets omitted from the order. LOL

  6. You amaze me with your sewing savvy and skill!


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