November 30, 2006

Playing Hookie

In my professional life, I am a Legal Assistant. Currently I work for a very small firm - 2 attorneys and an intern plus myself. The focus of our practice is criminal law - traffic and others. Not icky bad criminal stuff though. Anyway, prior to working here - I worked for a solo attorney who practiced family law. The prior attorney has been having some issues with the local bar association and I was subpoenaed to testify on Wednesday. However, they were going faster than anticipated and he needed me to come on Tuesday. JB didn't want me driving to Seattle with the roads and weather what they were and my current boss wasn't real thrilled with me being out on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon (I also had a dental appointment scheduled). So, we said no and I testified by telephone on Tuesday. Since I had my desk cleared for all Wednesday - I stayed home anyway! JB came home from work at 9:30 because they were really slow. The leashed up the dogs and walked to the latte stand, then came home and goofed off. I knit - he played on the computer. Then I went to the dentist, came home, fixed leftovers for dinner and knit some more. I'm hoping to finish the Clapotis for my friend Sheila tonight, get all the ladders pulled and block it. I'll be glad to have this checked off my To Do List.

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