November 18, 2006


So it has worked out that I don't work any Fridays in November, which is great - but I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to work 5 days anytime soon. Anyway - spent a lazy morning - knitting my fingers to the bone. Clapotis is taking much longer than I expected. Currently I have 5 repeats of the straight rows done. Will start the decrease rows after 10 pattern repeats - rather than the 13 called for the in pattern. I had a fabulous lunch and a great visit with my friend. I took the unfinished scarf and showed it to her. She loved it. The great part is that it's lightweight so I can drop it in an envelope and mail it to her when it's finished. She doesn't live really far away - but we never manage to get together. Why is that? Once I got back home, I cleaned a week's worth of dog hair off the floors and then sat down to finish my book. JB got home, we rounded up Lucy and took her to the vet for staple removal, picked up Quiznos for dinner. JB left to play poker, and I had the house to myself for the entire evening. Did I work on Sheila's gift - no! Did I work on the computer bags that are cut and ready to go - no! I left the house - I went shopping. I went to Hancocks for a few things - which they didn't have. They weren't critical to anything I was working on, but I ended up headed to Joanns to see if they had them. This is what I came home with: Beads, magnets, those half-marble things. some plastic canvas (for the computer bags) and an apron pattern. I am thinking -- stitch markers, and a gift for my DWOA Secret Santa package. Then I headed over to Target. I picked up this movie, some scented stocking stuffers, and a couple of books for filler items in gifts that need to be shipped. Finally my last stop before home was Barnes & Noble. I have been reading this series of books written by Laurien Berenson. When I read books in a series like this will all the same main character, I have to start at the first book and read through to the most current one - today I finished Hot Dog, but I didn't have the last 3 in paperback. I still don't, I have 2 of the three with the middle one missing!! Once I put everything thing away - I watched Christmas with the Kranks and worked on the computer bags. Nice boring Friday evening.

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