November 27, 2006

Let It Snow!!

It's snowing in my neck of the woods! It snowed for the better part of Sunday and now it's snowing again this morning. Hard little snow, but snow, notheless! It is beautiful outside and I had the briefest opportunity to stay home and play all day. Somedays it bites being responsible. JB drove my car today - as it's front wheel drive. That left me with the Jeep. Fine! However, it was parked in the dirt on the side of the house and I was briefly stuck! I called my boss and told her I was stuck and wasn't it ironic that the others in my house who drive front-wheel drive vehicle got out just fine, but I was sliding all over. I sat and fumed while talking to her then tried to back up one more time. That time I made it. So, here I am at work! Responsibility bites! Over the weekend, I managed to get life back to normal. We walked the dogs on Saturday morning - it was a gloriously cold, but clear day. Then I got some crafting time. 2 things crossed off the Holiday to make list. I got all the Christmas cards written and weather permitting I'll be heading to the post office today for mailing. I even worked on the computer bag for The Musical One. Then the power went out. JB and I played 3 games of cribbage - I won 2 and he skunked me on the 3rd! By then it was late and my eyes were tired from the candlelight and we headed to bed. My brother headed over the pass last night thinking there would be less traffic to deal with so we are back to just our own 4 dogs :) I took a picture of Bosley and will post it tomorrow.

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