November 16, 2006


All sewing has been put on hold this week. Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. I have known her since we were 15 - the things we did together in high school!
Anyway - I'm taking her to lunch and wanted to have a little something to give her. So, while at my knitting class on Tuesday night (great class by the way!) I picked up some absolutely lovely lace weight cashmere/silk yarn to make this . This is the Clapotis from the Fall 2004 Issue of the online knitting magazine Knitty.
The other color picture is how the scarf/shawl/whatever looks flat. As you can see from the schematic diagram - it is knit from one corner to the other. Last night I finished the increase rows. So, if I am reading the directions properly - I now have 144 rows of straight knitting with the intentionally dropped stitches to work on. I am keeping this on my desk and I work a row or 2 every so often throught the day. I may end up making it shorter as my friend is short - I'm also concerned about how much yarn I have left. I will not be purchasing another skein - although my friend is definately worth it - there are 400 yards per skein at $35 a pop and since I'm already thinking it may be too long - adding twice the yarn won't really help that situation any!

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