November 12, 2006

ASG Worked Their Magic Again

Well my ASG Group does it again! They worked their magic and I now have a muslin for a sheath dress. Tomorrow I am meeting Elizabeth and going shopping for dress fabric. Not sure what I'll end up with. In the meantime I managed to get the computer bags cut out. Now I'm off to sew :) Worked on a new intarsia sampler a little bit today. My joins still aren't seamless. They are flawed with larger stitches from the purl side. No matter how tight I pull those stitches, they still manage to come out a little big. Practice, practice, practice. Dogs are outside whinning because it's cold. What will they do when I go back to work on Monday?

1 comment :

  1. hey...did the colors change overnight?
    You are having fun, aren't you?!
    Today, i will stay indoors and spend no money. Time to knit and MAYBE sew??? Went to a Partylite party yesterday. hence the "staying inside spending no money" comment.


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