November 11, 2006


Remember I told you all I was taking a knitting class? Well on Tuesday night after racing to the vet to pick-up and pay a king's ransom for a sick dog I raced off to class as JB seemed to have the dog situation in hand. Anyway - out first class was intarsia - not at all what I thought. I was thinking it was the little blocks of knitting that go in every which way forming a sort of woven grid of knitting - but no. That is something else. That looks like this and is called interlock. What we actually learned to do is called intarsia. It is the process of making pictures with different colors of yarn, but not carrying the yarn all over the back. The instructor is having us learn using cotton yarn because, as she said, it is the least forgiving. Isn't that nice. Mine looks not great. I was going to take a photo to prove it, but apparently my camera battery is exhausted. I know how it's feeling! I'm back into getting up at 5:30 a.m. mode, everyday of the week. I like to wake the dogs up - otherwise there are carpets to shampoo!! Anyway - back to knitting. Once I let the dogs in this morning, I'm going to cast off the Tuesday night sample, finish weaving in all the ends and then start another one, to see if I can get the gauge as well as get rid of all the irregular stitches I seam to be coming up with every time I switch colors. I tend to have a little bit of perfectionist instincts and those big stitches are driving me crazy. Also - currently on the needles - Cotton kitchen sets for holiday gifts. I'm making a wool felted oven mitt and hot pad along with 2 coordinated M/D warshrags and a hand towel. I have 5 sets planned and the hand towel bites! I am also working on a light pinky/peach mohair lacey scarf. The yarn is older than dirt having been purchased when my first husband and I were stationed in England in the Air Force the Princess was 2 when we came back to the US. I'm using the zig-zag lace from the Stitch-a-Day calendar November 1. Also a holiday gift. I would like to knit a sweater for JB, but he doesn't wear the last one I knit, or the scarf I made him for walking dogs in the bitter cold, so I'm not sure I'll bother - better to spend the knitting something that will get used. Okay, off to let the dogs in, do a little knitting, and take a little morning nap :)

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  1. I would love to find an intarsia class near me. How lucky you are. Keep us up to date on your progress......


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