November 15, 2006

Great News!

This is Lucy. We love her (even when her face is crooked!) At the beginning of this year we found a little lump under her tail. We took her - immediately - into the vet and had it checked out. They wanted to measure it and wait to see what it did. It could be bad or it could be nothing!
Well she had to have her shots on the 3rd of November. Just a regular annual doggie exam. I asked the vet to take a look at the her little lump again. It seems in 9 months it had grown from 9mm to 15mm - so it was time to remove it. A little valium, a little local, several staples and it was gone.
Last night our vet call with the results of the biopsy of the lump! Completely begnign! Nothing! Not a smidgen of anything bad. Yea Lucy!!!!


  1. Oh yea Lucy!
    I am so glad to hear you got a clean bill of health, you pretty girl!
    Henry is VERY happy to hear this!


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