November 18, 2006

Exciting Saturday

I have a very exciting Saturday planned - how about you? It all begins with getting up with the dogs at 5:30 - after a late night of crafting.
It will start with fixing Hedgie. Hedgie is Lucy's most favorite toy in the entire world. She loves him. Her brother loves Hedgie too, but he likes to destroy Hedgie. I've tried buying them each their own hedgie - but neither will have it. So, first thing Saturday morning, Hedgie will receive some minor surgery. Then I will continue working on the computer bags.
I have been collecting apron patterns lately, and we are having dinner at a friend's house tonight. So, the plan is to whip out an apron to take to the hostess. I am trying to decide between View B on the Simplicity pattern and View C on the Butterick Pattern. Truthfully, it will depend on how much time I allow myself for this little project. I'm leaning toward the Butterick one - as really, what's the point in having an apron that doesn't cover your blouse? I like the half ones, but I think the full ones are just that much better. Thankfully, JB has to work today so I'll most of the day to my own devices again.
I will also be taking Sheila's gift to work on while everyone else plays cut-throat scrabble. I'm not the best at finding words, so I watch, stay out of the way and bring something to occupy myself.
Exciting, huh?

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