November 4, 2007


Yesterday was the Annual Meeting for the Local Chapter of ASG. Since I'm a neighborhood group leader - I always feel compelled to go. Besides - it's good fun! Our meeting is always a little business, the election, a potluck, a silent auction and a fashion show. Why would anyone want to miss that? I made a modified pair of baby pink Fetching fingerless gloves. They were modified by adding a second cable row at the top and adding a few more rows for the thumbs. Unfortunately - I did not take photos. I know - I'm grounded. I also made a fake fur teddy which was requested by the lady who bought one I made several years ago. Her dog loved the first one and has practically killed it. She says it's really grody and he needed a new one. The final bid on the bear was $20! I came home with a stack of Cynthia Guffey books - Volumes 1 and 2 of Finishing Techniques; Volumes 2 through 5 of Precision Sewing Techniques, Volumes 1 and 2 of Cynthia's Simply guide to Master Tailoring; and finally Festive Machine Embroidery. I got all of that for $12! I purchased these books with the last post in mind - the one about making an epic project and stepping up my skills. My plan is to start reading through them, and then decided if I need the missing volumes. I will also sign up for and take classes from Cynthia at our local Sewing Expo in Puyallup in February. There are so many 'experts' out there and conflicting opinions that I plan to start with one - incorporate her techniques and then learn from another. Right now - however, I'm headed out to the Mall to get a hair cut! Happy sewing everyone.


  1. Sounds like a great time. What a wonderful deal you got on those books.

  2. Wow! That is a great deal you got on Cynthia's books. I'm working through her pant fitting workbook right now as I'm taking an all day pant fitting class with her soon. That workbook alone was $20!

    So, will you post a photo of the hair cut? I had mine done yesterday but I it always takes a few days before I actually like it, LOL

  3. What a wonderful time you had at your ASG annual meeting. You really lucked up on some great books. Be sure to let us know about the books as you read thru them.

  4. You are going to enjoy the Cynthia Guffey classes...taking her classes really changed the way that I sew and how I fit my patterns. You also got a great bargain on her books!


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