November 24, 2007

It's Amazing What a Girl Can Do

When She Just Does It! The Stunt Stitcher skirts have been languishing in my sewing space. I have been feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, some might even say depressed. Anyway - yesterday, after reading Carolyn's post on stalling, I realized I was doing the same thing. I then got up, made a fresh cup of tea, refilled my water glass, rounded up the dogs and headed downstairs. First I did the last of the stalling tactics - updated the checking account. Then I headed over to the sewing space. I moved dog toys out of the way, moved the barricade (which is always there to keep Lucy the Goat from eating yarn, fabric, patterns and other notions), plugged in the iron, and away I went. First I hemmed the outer skirt of the A-line skirt that has been hanging out the longest. Then I measured, trimmed and bound the lining of the same skirt. Next - pressing fabric. Wow! That really felt good - crazy I know. I got the apron cut out and both reversible panels made before JB got home from work and it was time to make dinner. Today, after a quick run to the grocery store, I plan on finishing the apron and starting on the last skirt. JB is working today and there is no one to whine that I'm not sitting with them. Sunday - I plan on sewing too. Heck with him, I could whine that he isn't sitting with me, too! Why do I have to give up my small pleasures? Right now, I'm dying to do some online fabric shopping. However, with the holidays upcoming and the recent addition of the new water heater, my shopping is a little limited. I still think I might go looking :) As an aside - do any of you see the current Tractor Supply Company commercials? I love them! There is one where the dogs are talking, explaining their lives. They also do one from the perspective of a pair of working man's hands, and a pair of boots. If you see them - enjoy.

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  1. Yay for sewing. Tell him if he sits with you while you sew then you will sit with him. ;)

    Dang I seem to have missed those comercials. They normally have interesting ones.


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