November 6, 2007

Time to Cut Bait

You are all aware of the old saying "Fish or Cut Bait" right? Well I have decided that it's time for the Stunt Stitcher to cut bait. It occurred to me the other day that the reason I'm avoiding the sewing space is those darn Amy Butler Skirts. Let me explain. To quote a very wise lady from my Neighborhood ASG meetings I'm a girl and I'm made from curves. With that in mind, let me say that it is very hard to make any skirt with no darts fit and look good. I have been sewing garments long enough to know that darts are what make a flat piece of fabric fit a 3-dimensional shape and look good. If I were to add darts to the back pieces of skirt, I could make it fit and look good. However that is not the goal For . This . Project. When I offered to make garments from quilting cottons it was a very self-less offer. Miss C recently opened a dry-goods brick and mortar store in her home town. She sells yarn, knitting supplies, quilting cottons, and patterns. She teaches classes on knitting and sewing. Miss C knits and sews quilts - but not garments. As a garment sewer who has no real interest in quilting but loves the fabulous quilting cottons available I offered to sew some sample garments for her. Miss C jumped at the offer - her only condition - I sew the garments in a size to fit me and after being displayed for a few months she would return them to me as "payment" for my labor. So now my very self-less offer has turned greedy! I can own some beautiful skirts made from Amy Butler fabrics. One of my favorite skirts is a lined Kwik Sew made from AB cotton. Don't get me wrong - I love Amy's patterns - she designs incredible bags and home dec items - I'm just not in love with her skirt pattern and continuing to attempt to make it fit me and look good is going to drive me crazy. Tonight while JB is off playing whirlyball with the guys - I'm going to recut the skirt to the smallest size, get the A-line sewn up and ready to ship off. Once I have that one done I will move onto the Layered Skirt and then the Apron. Hopefully I won't upset Miss C, but honestly my intent was simply to help her have some garment samples for her store - not to end up with clothing for me. See - time to cut bait!


  1. i've never used AB patterns, but, yeah, you need darts! no one can accuse me of being curvaceous yet my skirts have darts.


  2. I want to play whirlyball!!! How fun! Tell MJ to have fun!

  3. Uh yeah darts are important for any garment. Can you add them in once you get it back?

  4. Do you have to use an Amy Butler pattern? Can't you just use the fabric and any pattern you want? Isn't the point to show the fabric sewn up so a person can envision the fabric in a finished garment? They don't much care what the pattern is, do they? If it were me (but it's not) I'd sew it up in my favorite TNT pattern. Use that one you always use that looks great on you.


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