November 19, 2007

The Princess Surprise!

So, I had Friday off - I got up with JB, fed the dogs, puttered around reading blogs. Then I finally got out of the house. You see I had to have a fasting blood test done on Friday morning, and I didn't want to put it off too long. Leaving the house, I called The Princess (as I do every morning) and sang a combination of "Good Morning" and "Zippidy Do Dah" because I was leaving a little later than normal and it was already afternoon on the East Coast. First stop - Weight Watchers. It was time for the November weigh in. I compulsively weigh myself every morning. I knew how much I would weigh on their scale within a couple of pounds. You see, I weight about 5# less first thing in the morning. I was positive I would be about 13# below goal! Yippee - under goal - first time in months. Unfortunately - no Yippee! for me - I was 7# over goal. I do not understand how my home scale can be 20# off! Okay - so off to the hospital to donate tubes of blood! That was a quick stop - no real knitting time even! I then talked to The Princess again. She asked what I was doing and I told her "just putzing around" how about you guys today? She said something similar. We hung up and away I went. I stopped by the dealership where JB works to talk to him and he asked me to hang out for 20 minutes or so and go to lunch with them. So I did. It was fun. Upon leaving there, I talked to The Princess again. This time she had some lame story about how her friend needed a blanket out of her closet and could I just call her when I got home. Sure - whatever. Next stop on the errands run - the bank. Then the pet store for cookies. Then I stopped at JoAnn's. I must have talked to The Princess another 5 times. At one point, she left a message with the dogs howling in the background. I called her back and asked how she got howling dogs - she said she found a clip on the Internet. Finally, driving down our street I see my dad's car. I slow down and am prepared to roll my window down and talk to him, but he just drives past me. hrpmppp! Then he comes back down the street and he has The Princess in the car with him. Apparently, she had a bonus day off work and decided to fly home for a longish weekend - without telling anyone but her friends. it was good to see her, but I wish we were a little more important than her friends. Maybe at Christmas time!


  1. I am sure it was nice to see her, but I bet you wished you could have spent more time with her.

  2. aww... what a sweet daughter you have there!

  3. no i told 3 friends...and that was it...of course you are more important than the're the one who labored

    love you!

  4. don't ya just hate being the last to know?!?! glad you get to spend some time w/ the princess this weekend. i'm hoping my dh gets home before thursday, but it's not looking good.

  5. Ah the curse and the blessings of motherhood...I remember when my oldest DD came home from college the first time. I thought we would have long conversations about college but NOOOOOO all I saw the entire time was the back of her head going out the door to meet with more friends! I understand your pain! :)

    Then I had to remember that I did the EXACT same thing to my Parents! *LOL*


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