October 31, 2007

Rock & Hard Place

Lately I feel like I'm whining - alot! And here I am to do some more! In the wonderful world of sewing blogs there are several people I admire. I admire how helpful they are - regardless of the question. I admire their creations and I aspire to be more like them. Of my cyber-sewers/virtual-friends, I repeatedly go-to Carolyn for inspiration. She inspires me to try using wonderful natural fiber fabrics (wool, silk, linen) that I am petrified of. She inspires me to take things a little more slowly and enjoy the process. She also encourages a greater quality of work. Another of these go-to friends is Shannon. This girl cranks out some fabulous garments. Again encouraging me to cough up the dough for the fabrics that petrify me. But she does garments quickly - instilling the belief that while an "epic" garment is always a fun learning experience. Getting something finished that fits well is equally important. There are so many others that inspire me on a daily basis. I love getting comments on my posts - they are encouraging. I also really enjoy the relationships that are built when I leave a comment and the blog writer responds to my comment. I have built a great network of friends across the County and if I ever get to travel you bet I will look you up and do my best to meet in person - I am not afraid! Anyway - I guess the point of this post is that I feel stuck between a rock and hard place lately. I want to make the fabulous garments that Carolyn is producing but I want to do it fast, using the serger to finish seams, getting things done and into the closet. I believe I'm going to take a Shannon approach and try to get some things finished and also begin an "epic" project to learn and improve some new skills. Thanks for the inspiration.


  1. Aww, thanks for the kind words - what a nice way to end a busy work day!

    I do alot of what you are contemplating - I usually have one epic project on the go at all times and a bunch of quickies too. I like that when I get stuck or I'm not feeling the love for my epic project, I have the option of cranking out a few quick, but satisfying garments. Then, I can buckle down again and focus on the tricky project with a renewed sense of vigour.

    Can't wait to see what comes out of your sewing room in the next little while.

  2. i usually do a combination of epic & quickies. my daily wardrobe needs are more in the vein of quickie garments, but it is fun to throw some more dramatic into the mix. right now, i would be happy to be sewing anything. too much work and maternal duties getting in the way of my free time. :)

    sew something fabulous so i can live vicariously....

  3. You go, girl! From one unable to sew at all with a machine, you have my respect and admiration.

  4. What a sweet post. It is so nice to have others that inspire you.

  5. Gaylen,
    Why not just upgrade your fabric
    choices. treat yourself to some
    luxe and keep the sewing simple.
    As Shakespeare said "To thine
    own self be kind" (I think")

  6. Gaylen ~ Thank you for the shout out but I don't always do epic...I mean I have been known to spend a weekend just making skirts! *LOL* I am just smack dab in the middle of a big project right now. And I am actually taking a page from Shannon's book and sneaking in some quickie projects and then going back to the epic one.

    But mostly I wanted to say you should do you...sew in the method and style that makes you happy! You will be happier with the outcome and will enjoy the journey more if you just do you!


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