November 12, 2007

What is it about Rainy Days?

I have absolutely nowhere that I have to be today. Nowhere! Can you hear me? NOWHERE! It is pouring down rain here in Western Washington and "they" are predicting another windstorm with gusts of up to 70 mph. All I want to do is get out of the house! How silly is that? Instead I'm going to head downstairs with a nice cup of tea. Attempt to finish updating my blog and then sew. Yep - you heard that right - actual sewing coming out of my sewing space. Go figure! Hope where ever you are - you aren't feeling stir crazy and penned in - like I am right now.


  1. Oh I hate that feeling. I hope you found something to pass the hours.

  2. Oh boy. I hope the dogs weren't stir-crazy. Mugsy is usually good for one and a half house-bound days (I typed hound-b... first!), and then, he becomes a passive-aggressive, indoor-fetch-needing pain!

    Rainy days and tea just seem to go hand in hand, don't they?


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