November 23, 2007

Bad, Bad Doggy Mom

Well - it is partially JB's fault too. This week I've just been feeling "off." Monday I was really sick, Tuesday I went to work in a fog, Wednesday JB was sick. Well, Wednesday morning when I fed the dogs I noticed we were getting low on food. But - I had other things on my mind. Remember the water heater went out? Which we are replacing with a tankless water heater (by the way). FYI - it's totally green, you get a tax rebate for purchasing one, it takes up less space, will cut costs on our gas bill overall, and it is being installed on Monday. Anyway, by the time the guy from the Energy company was gone, JB was feeling well enough that he wanted to run errands with me. We still had to pick up our fresh turkey (which had ice crystals inside it!), buy groceries, stop by my office and the bank. With JB in tow - I only made it to the office, the bank and then to get the turkey. By now - it was almost 5 and knitting knight starts at 5! Right about then, he remembered that he had a chiro appointment. We didn't have time to run by the house, get cars and go our separate ways. So, off I go to the chiropractor with him. Finally, I get to Knitting Knight, where much laughter, talking, eating, drinking, show & telling goes one, but seriously - not alot of knitting. On my way home, I'm thinking, I should stop for dog food, but I think there might have been enough to get us through Friday morning. JB would have called me if there wasn't. I did stop and get people food. Thursday morning I'm up with the houndies. Off I head into the garage to feed them. OPPS! Not enought food to fill their bowls. Well, I'll add some soft to it this morning and punt for their dinner. Great. This Friday morning, they are all laying on their beds, jumping everytime I get up and starving because I can't feed them until the guys get her to install the loaner water heater - YEA! and then I can run to the pet store for food. They don't understand. And because I'm really a bad doggy mom - they got extra treats from JB this morning. Cookies and some icky turkey parts. They definately are spoiled dogs - but don't understand why I won't feed them.


  1. SNOL... That was Mugsy last night. We actually won't run out of food in the next year if another basset doesn't arrive in our home, but I saw no need to give Mugsy any kibble after all of the scraps that found their way into his mouth at the inlaws'. Well, when we got home (four hours past kibble time, for the record), Mugsy was sprinting through the house like a wild thing. Finally, the Knight simply DEMANDED that I give the pest some kibble, so he got all of maybe a dozen little pieces...

  2. I'm so glad I get to spoil YOU in the doggy ornament swap! This is going to be so much fun!

    Your Dog Holiday Swap spoiler

  3. OK, so I guess its not a secret swap and you know I'm your spoiler too! lol

  4. Hey! Good work on getting a 'green' water heater! That is soo exciting! And our dogs will survive! haha

  5. I think that the tax rebated ended in 2007 and unfortunately was not renewed.

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