November 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Hope everyone has a chance to hug their loved ones and remember why they are blessed.
As my life has changed this year, I have realized that sometimes it's the really small things in life that I need to remember to be thankful for, such as:
*the sun shinning through the stripped candle on the fireplace and how pretty it looks
*four dogs snuggling on their beds, snoring and healthy
*The Musical One who is grown into a beautiful young lady who is responsible and taking care of herself in the world
*The Princess who is raising someone else's children, because she thinks it's fun. She actually puts thought into how those kids should end up.
*JB - who loves me even when I'm sick and the house is a mess
*knitting friends, blogging friends, and old friends from high school
*building our Christmas puzzle
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. What a sweet post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  2. What a wonderful list.

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Don't hounds, a not quiet perfectly spotless home and a loving, tolerant husband all go hand-in-hand? ;)

    Hope you're all feeling well and have a great weekend!

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