September 28, 2007

Stunt Stitcher - Part 1 - The Goods

Well yesterday when I got home, I found this small but very heavy box leaning against my front door. I'm sure that Keith (our mailman) was grumbling about it the whole time he was bringing it up. Anywho - being the good blogger (HA!) that I am, I ran to get the camera before I even looked for the rip strip that would open that box.
Just look at all the loot that she managed to fold and pack into that box. Amazing isn't it? Along with great fabrics shown in a previous post over at CamillaKnits, she included amy butler's barcelona skirts pattern. You might ask why Miss C sent me all this fabric. I'll tell you - I volunteered to sew some samples of non-quilts using quilting cottons. A few of my favorite things were made from quilting cottons and I don't make quilts. Anyway, I digress.
At first glance my thought were to take this grouping and make a Kimono Needle Roll using that fabulous daisy print as the main fabric and the pink and plaid as the accent fabrics. I also want to design a smaller, double needle needle roll. I emailed the original creator and while her instructions are very loose, she is thrilled that I want to make more and share the project and instructions. I love the crafting community. The link to the original post will take you to the rest of the information about the needle roll - just in case you want to make your own. Next I'm thinking that from the beautiful pink and green paisley for a short version of the A-line skirt in the barcelona skirt. I know that Miss C really likes the look of the apron over skirt, so I'm going to have to measure and figure out what she had in mind. I may also take a look at taking that beautiful peony fabric and making it into the layered skirt.
Next there were a few more AB fabrics. These are large prints with bold, bright colors. They would be fun to wear in the winter. How could you be down in the dumps when you are wearing a skirt out of something this bright? I'm really going to have to pre-wash (yes, I'm one of those), iron and measure these fabrics before I decide what they will be fabulous for. Of course if Miss C would just return my email and tell me what she was thinking while she was cutting! She also included 2 pieces of white muslin for lining the skirts - so there must be enough fabric for at least 2 skirts, right?
Finally, on a totally different subject. I made the orange ginger scones from my Knit One, Tea Too swap partner last night. I have an addiction to dishes - it's very sick I know. I'll post details later. Anyway breaky
this morning was 2 of those little ginger orange scones (I have to share with slobbery dogs - you see they are under the impression that my breakfast is theirs) a banana and nice cup of tea. Yes, I am a coffee drinker, but lately I have been having issues with my tummy and coffee really upsets it while tea doesn't. So thanks again Bethany, because of you ~ the dogs and I had a great breakfast this morning. Hope the move is going well ~ I hate moving.


  1. The bright pink was sent as the trim to the apron (the blue/pink, and green AB fabrics.) the peony (pink print) was the stand-alone skirt, and the pink/green paisley was the a-line skirt fab. all the choc.lolli fabrics were for your needle rolls. hope the muslin is okay... had to buy it at JoAnn's... ack. I should've included a letter, but it was write a note or get it mailed... catch up with you soon! Cami

  2. All those fabrics are wonderful. They look like so much fun. Can't wait to see your creations with them.

  3. the AB fabrics are just wonderful to work with - they don't shrink AT ALL. I found pre-washing to be a needless step. But if you're one of THOSE...wash away!
    Have fun!

  4. Fantastic box!!! I love all the fabrics you got - I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. The fabrics look like a great combination of colors and prints. I love the breakfast or tea fare you have too. Looks yummy!


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