November 1, 2008

Knitting Guilty

Sometime early last year, I was reading one of the knitting magazines and saw this Plymouth Twin Set. I fell in love with it. I had to have it and I had to knit it - now! So, I called around to find out which of the 3 yarns stores within reasonable driving distance (all about 10 miles or less from my home) carried Plymouth yarns and could get the pattern. Great Yarns was able to order it. When it came in - JB and were running errands and we stopped to pick up the pattern and pick out yarn. I chose Otto in chocolate and a deeper raspberry than the pink in the pattern. I already have a fabulous plaid to make a skirt to wear with this twin set. I took the yarn and pattern with me when we went to Arizona last year. I completed the body of the shell while we were on vacation. I just need to pick up the brown trim around the neckline. It's not even around the armholes. But something wasn't right. But, being who I am am, I went ahead and started the back of the cardigan. I really thought I had more of the cardigan finished when this got set aside. Apparently not, I'm not even as far as the armhole shaping on the back - and that's all I have done. Anyway, I took the pieces to Great Yarns when I got back from vacation. We all decided that the neckline shaping was weird. And it is - seriously! So, I ripped one side back to the armhole shaping. The owner of Great Yarns was going to help me reshape the armholes and neckline. To date - this pieces have been sitting in a basket in my living room and nothing has changed.
I even bought this tilli tomas pattern because I like the neckline. The pattern is designed for a thinner yarn and I haven't felt like doing the math to figure out the numbers to work with the Otto. So, why is this guilty knitting? Because I purchased all the yarn for this sweater more than a year ago. It wasn't inexpensive and it's just sitting there. UGH! I need to get this knit into something wearable and tell the guilt to go away.


  1. love the colours of your twinset!!
    the tilli thomas is a cute pattern too!

  2. I love those colors. That should go well with the skirts you just made.

    I always feel guilty when I start something and don't finish it. Then the more time that goes by, the more I ignore it, and the guiltier I feel. I don't knit, but I promise, you are not alone on these sentiments!

    I hope you finish this twinset soon. I would like to see it, too!

  3. I echo Marjie, regarding the unfinished items! I also echo Marjie in that i hope that you finish the twinset soon...i would love to see it..on YOU...not just on Lou!

  4. Love the colors! Knitting is my hobby, so I give myself permission to start, stop, leave unfinished, etc. The Knight has expensive hobbies too, so I guess that helps shape my rather guilt-free approach...


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