October 30, 2008


Sunday night, JB jumped off the couch. All the dogs jumped up. (With the exception of Abby - she has to make sure there really is something worth jumping up for.) He fooled them all though - instead of heading to the kitchen, he jumped right into the middle of the beds and the wrestling started.
They actually rolled around on the floor for awhile. Lucy got tired of the game and left early for ice cream. But since she doesn't have opposible thumbs, she had to wait.
Dudley finally decided he had enough and asked me to make him stop! He didn't stop barking at me until JB got off the floor and headed to the kitchen. Bossy Man!
For more cute dogs, some in costume even, don't forget to check out Dogs on Thursday.


  1. Aren't they so much fun!!! And they are so cute! My neighbor had two blood hounds, one passed but the other is as sweet as can be! Happy Howlaween!

  2. Sweet! That's so funny. Dudley made sure he got things back in order though, didn't he?!

  3. nothing like a good 'ole romp & wrestling match!

  4. Yup, JB is 7. All the kids had fun, didn't they? Glad to see JB likes his new Eagles shirt, too.

  5. Looks like everyone was having a great time!


  6. Sadie is known to bark at me to get Simon and Hubband to stop playing too. But is always a good thing to have a fun roll-around with the dogs!

  7. Dudley is such a little referee! Love him!

  8. Oh how I just love the hounds!
    They sure do know how to get the attention don't they?

  9. Your dogs are adorable. Aren't pets the greatest companions? :):):):)



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