October 11, 2008

Is It True

that sock yarn doesn't count as stash? And if so, why not? That, over there <------ that's the hanked sock yarn that I have. Just the stuff in hanks. I love looking at it. It's like a bouquet of sock yarn. I didn't count as I was tucking the hanks into the basket. I just tucked them around in there and remembered where I got them. Some were gifts. There's some beautiful Koigu that came from Jess, Cami's hand-dyed, New York vacation yarn, some gifted yarn, some traded yarn, two hanks of Socks that Rock, and yarn from the yarn tour this year.
This beautiful bouquet of sock yarn sits on the shelf in my studio. Everyone once in awhile I'm inspired by a hank in the basket. Truth be known - when I want to knit a new pair of socks, I almost always go shopping. I'm gonna have to get serious about using up some of this sock yarn.


  1. I spotted that NY vacation yarn immediately...mmmm, i think i will have a bowl of tomato soup for dinner!! ;o)

  2. Stash-diving? Whatevah.
    btw, cookbook arrived today. Experimental cookery to commence tomorrow. Thank you, G! C

  3. i wish I could knit so I had an excuse to stash that yarn!! I would sit and look and pet it too :D

  4. Beautiful! I do need to return to socks, but first I must find my knitting mojo...

  5. Sock yarn never counts as stash...... even when you've managed to fill not 1, but 2 of those 3 drawer rolling carts and still have more spilling out of bags, baskets and drawers............
    Nope, doesn't count!


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