October 6, 2008

Channelling Eeyore

This is how I feel lately. Like I'm channeling Eeyore. I was talking to Camilla tonight. When she told me to send her my yarn blank. See, I'm trying to die some sock yarn in Philadelphia Eagles colors for a pair of socks for JB's birthday at the end of this month. Because the Eagles are his favorite team. Even though Chan sent the perfect colors of dyes, Cami had talked up the ease and food grade quality of dying with food coloring paste. That sounds easy, I said to myself and so I took myself off to the local super do everything fabric store. They had black dye, but no silver/gray/grey and no teal. So, I picked up 2 different colors of green, and some silver sparkly stuff. Didn't work out. I have some green and black wide striped sparkly yarn. Before telling Cami I had already dyed it and ruined it all by myself - she told me to send it to her and she'd fix me up. So, I had to tell her I had already ruined it. She told me I had to add blue to the green to get teal - I told her I never took color theory. Then we discussed the recently made too big skirt - do you know in my head I'm huge? Apparently, because everything I've made lately is too big. Apparently, I slept through fitting and body image classes. To top it off, I spent the last 2 days working on a new pair of socks which I just ripped because - wait for it - they were too big! Is it too late to change my major? Eeyore pictures courtesy of just-pooh.


  1. (((hugs)))
    this too shall pass. you know that, right? eeyore days don't last forever. they can't.
    sorry about your luck with all things crafty lately. methinks perhaps it's time to just snuggle under a blanket with your closest furry creature and just breathe.
    one more (((hug))).

  2. Aw, hun. I'm so sorry. I agree with Melly. Except maybe add some chocolate to all that. ;-)

  3. Awww, i could just hug you right now. Besides, Eeyore has always been my favorite.
    Well, you look fabulous to me!

  4. Better you're making things too big than too small. Sorry for the sock yarn problem; the little things always get to us, don't they?

    Would you like me to send you Mark's big stuffed Eeyore for a hug?

  5. At least you're creating something! That's a plus. Better too big than too small. I still can't find my sewing mojo. I can't remember the last time I was in such a funk.


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