November 5, 2006


I'm back from my week's vacation. Well actually I've been back for a week now. I'm so frustrated on many levels. Dogs - for some unknown reason - well I'm sure I know part of the reason. My dogs are restless. They are in my face wheneven I sit down. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. They are underfoot. And twice this week I've woke up to huge puddles on the floor. I'm sure the restlessness has to do with the rain. It has been raining here for the past week - to point where people are starting to think about building an arc! They can't run and play in their yard because half of them don't like to get wet. They can't really run and play in the house because the downstairs sewing/computer/dog room is too small and upstairs has all laminate floors. They can't really run well on the floors and I'm afraid they will hurt themselves. Currently, it's not raining and it would be the perfect time to walk some of them, but everyone else in the family is still sleeping. Maybe I'll take the short dogs out by myself after I feed them. Weight Management ~ Upon getting on the scale on Monday morning, I found I was only up 1# after vacation - not too bad. Decided Monday was the day that I get my weight management back on track. I got up before 6 so I would have time to get on the treadmill. I did, I put in 30 minutes. My treadmill has a track and I use the first 1/4 mile as a warm-up working my way from 3.2 mph to 4. I never go over 4 mph in the first 1/4 mile. For the next 2 miles I never go under 4 mph. I haven't worked out with any sort of regularity for about 4 months, so I didn't go much over 4.3 mph. I played with the incline and speed a little bit, but mostly just walked. The last 1/4 of a mile is a cool down - so 2.5 miles in just over 30 minutes. Did the same on Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday I plugged in a CORE Secrets video, got out my ball and did a 20 minute workout on Tuesday and the 25 minute workout on Thursday. Again - since it's been 4 months, I have dropped down to 5# weights. I was up to 10# weights when I was working out regularly. By Friday I woke up with a tummy ache, I had the day off, needed to do housework and some sewing. So, I took the morning fairly easy (read, skipped the treadmill). Also, I am a neurotic daily weigher. I know, I know! I'm working on it!! Anyway - by Friday I was up 3# on the week. Man was I bummed about all that. Anyway, skipped the workout but still had a healthy breakfast, drank my water, had my coffee black, ate fruit. Did just about everything right, until we went out to dinner. If you want a strong, calorie laden drink and a meal filled with high fats - Mexican is the way to go. So I only had one bailey's and coffee, however it came with whipped cream. I basically cleaned my dinner plate, it's a small consolation that I had spinach enchiladas what with eating all the beans & cheese, most of my rice, all the sauce and cheese piled on top as well helping JB empty the chip bowl! Saturday saw me attending my local ASG Annual meeting and potluck brunch. Because I was still trying to get my clothing sewn for the challenge - I got there late. There weren't many healthy choices - although I did have fruit. I also treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte on the way home and various other favorite fattening comfort foods during the evening. At the meeting I started talking with the girls in my neighborhood group about a holiday outfit for JB's party this year. I'm thinking of making this Sheath Dress. Unfortunately, accurate measurements were in order. I haven't taken my measurements in 6 months! I was very disappointed in myself to find that my hips have expanded 4 inches (that would explain why the new brown skirt rides up!), my waist has grown by a few, the belly is much bigger - the only constant is the bust! So, with that disappointing knowledge in hand - what do I do? Right, head for the ice cream. This morning - up 5# on the week! So - I'm going to do my best to do what I know is right for me, for my body, for mental health, and for my weight management. I didn't take 3+ years to lose this weight with Weight to gain it back within a year of reaching goal (at last WI I was still below WW goal, but way above my personal goal). So, here's the plan - starting today: *I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast each morning which includes at least one piece of fruit - that is so important for me. *I will do my best to get 3 servings of dairy products in, I don't like them but I understand how important they are for weight management. *I will get back on the treadmill and the ball! I will stop giving myself slack for the backward movement in the fitness area - it will come back. *I will not force myself to eat if I'm not hungry even if I haven't had all my fruits and veggies for the day. *I will limit dessert to one night a week - Sundays. This includes not eating the frozen Halloween candy which I don't really even like. *I will plan a menu and follow it. *I will do my best to stay off the scale every morning. *I will get my hind end back to WW meetings, before it gets any larger :) *I will muslin the dress for the body that I have now - if the final product needs to be taken in prior to the event - that's okay because I know how to do that!! Thanks for listening.


  1. Good for you for listing your goals. i am here for you to help you achieve them.
    throw that scale out! Really...toss it!
    and i hear ya on the dog thing. Mine have been the same way since Jason went back out to the field. Driving me bonkers.

  2. I think writing out your plan is a good start and like an affirmation. Remember muscle can make you weigh more and that is also okay.


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