November 26, 2006

Feeling Better Today

Although I'm still feeling overwhelmed and like a huge failure. I know it has tons to do with the never ending rain! I did manage to find enough dry time to take JB, my brother, Beau & Lucy for a stroll to the latte stand on Saturday. That helped my spirits immensely. Then the Princess came over and hijacked her uncle - leaving me a few hours of uninterrupted crafting time. That too helped my spirits immensely. This morning when I got up, it was snowing! It didn't last long, it never does here. Basically I live at sea level in Washington, but it sure was nice - what a huge mood booster!! Thank you for your comments. I'm trying to be nicer to me - I often tell myself "Don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to someone you love." Of course, I don't often follow this very sage advise. I believe - that life reverts to normal today. The dogs are sleeping on their beds, JB is sleeping on the sofa while watching football. I'm fixing leftovers for dinner - even if the Brother, The Princess and The Musical One go out to dinner. Laundry is being washed and crafting is getting done.


  1. Gaylen,
    I have never sent an email through a blogger site before, so don't know if this will come through or not--I really empathize with you about the rain and not feeling like yourself. I am originally from Seattle and will be returning there to live after a 20+ year absence sometime in 2007. I remember what it can be like to live with weeks of rain and overcast skies. Wow! I know this has broken a record for the rain this year. I really enjoy reading your blog--very inspirational--lots of creativity--We have two dogs (dachshunds)so I love your dog scenarios. I find myself chuckling very often--and of course I also love to sew! I send you a dose of "feel good" and centered within yourself this evening--in spite of the rain--and no you are NOT a failure--I can tell that by your wonderful blog.
    All for now!
    Carolyn Hoppe (from Pattern Review; carolyndh)

  2. Glad things are becoming a bit more OK for you, you're definitely not alone in this struggle!


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