November 15, 2006

The Computer Bags

The pattern is McCalls 4531.
I am making View A - which is the floral print sitting on the desk in the photo. I am making the longer handles from VB though. The pattern actually calls these "Business Bags." There isn't alot of cushing called for in the pattern. So, I am making the outer shell from cotton, but the lining is flannel. I have also added a layer of Warm & Natural batting to all pieces - with two layers along the bottom.
The bag for the Musical One is being made from the fabrics shown on the right. The dots are the main bag fabric with the black scroll print the bottom and handles. The orange is the flannel for the lining. This should be nice. She walked in the other night when I was interfacing the pieces and had stuff spread all over the cutting table. The comments was "nice fabric!" So, I think she'll like it.
The Princess's fabric is shown to the left. I'm not as sure that she'll like hers. She specifically requested something 'plain.' However, she didn't want to pick the fabric out herself as it was a gift and she wanted to be surprised! This was the only thing that said "The Princess" to me, however. I am always willing to make her another one when she picks out the fabric! In the meantime - this is what she gets - and she better like it. I'll post more photos as I actually make progress!


  1. LOVE those bags....makes me want to go and get a laptop so i can get one! ;o)

  2. Oh! They're wonderful. Your fabric choices are very nice. Thanks for the details.


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