March 1, 2011


off the face of the earth - apparently. didn't mean to - life just got a bit crazy.  big decisions on the job front, changes, kids visiting, crazy house and wee bit of a vacation.  we've had snow in Seattle - which you have no idea what that does to this city.

i got a Wii and Wii fit and I've been upping the workout anty.  i've done boxing for 2 days and my back is sore - sad? 

i finished the sunflower quilt - will photograph it before it gets mailed to the princess.  we did not, however, get the elastic put into her pink socks.  a week goes by far too fast. 

the picture has nothing to do with the topic - just some nekkid trees from downtown Seattle.  i'll share more photos from our quick vaca/visit (i took almost 300!).  plan to have an outfit to get posted - not sure if i'll post daily or weekly.  and hopefully some finished sewing soon!


  1. I wondered where you were hiding. Glad you're back. I wouldn't ever want to be in Seattle in the snow/ice. Scares the crud out of me thinking of all those hills....

  2. Breathe! So much going on out there...

  3. I was starting to worry about you, but figured the new job had you pretty busy. Glad you squeezed in some vacation time.

    Keep us posted how things are going.

  4. Welcome back! Glad you had a nice visit. Relax and enjoy the new job, and at least set your camera's self timer to take a couple of crappy pictures tonight! That's what I plan to do!

  5. so nice to see you back...i missed you!
    special thanks for the pic of Seattle...always nice to see those pics of home.

  6. I agree with Chan. Just breathe. : ) Love that black and white picture, btw.


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