March 22, 2011

The Goodies - Part 1

When I am shopping away from home, I tend to look for stuff that meets 2 criteria. 1.) it's local to the area or b.) I can't get it locally.

Our first stop on Friday night was Happy Knits.  First - can I say how surprised I was that of the 3 yarn shops I looked up in Rav - 2 were open until 8 or later and the 3rd had pub knitting on the Friday we were in town.  Unfortunately - it didn't say where, so we couldn't join up. 

The first yarn meets the 'can't get it locally' criteria.  I bought 2 hanks of Tosh Lace in the colorway Corsage to make a Featherweight Cardigan as part of my year of the cardigan project - which I'm behind on, but who's paying attention really?

Next stop?  Twisted.  This was an absolutely lovely store and I focused on Portland Yarn Dyers.  I might have gone a wee bit crazy (greedy) while in the shop.  Thankfully JB supports this craziness and realizes that I'm just stocking up for our retirement when I can't afford to buy yarn and probably won't be able to see well enough to knit anyway - but we don't talk about that part.

The first yarn I saw and loved was Black Trillium fibre studio in the colorway Marguaux.  It's destined to be socks.  Yes - more socks. But sock yarn is so much easier to purchase on vacation than a sweaters amount.  Just sayin'.

Next - I went local to Seattle because I can't get it locally.  I picked up Hazel Knits Lime Granita which is the color of really good mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The only thing it's missing is the brown flecks - but that's okay.  It's a lovely soft color and will most likely become socks with some sort of leafy pattern.
My last local purchase was Pico Accuardi in the colorway chocolate covered raspberries.  I knew I was so very close to finishing up both pairs of socks that I had brought with me on Friday night, so the girls working at Twisted that night, not only wound the hank up for me, but they also grabbed their trusty gram scale and divided the cake for me so I could knit in my favorite method.

I pulled the yarn and some US0s out of my bag on Sunday morning before checking out of the hotel and started a variation on the Cotty.  I got pretty far on the drive home, eh? 


  1. Great finds! Good that JB supports your habit...

  2. Wow! You go Girl!!! Guess I'll have to go to Twisted now. I'm thinking about finding a class to up my knitting game. Don't think I can manage a cardigan a month, but maybe 2 a year is reasonable!

  3. Those are some pretty hanks of yarn. It looks like you had a very nice weekend.

    My father in law used to say that it was cheaper to send MIL shopping than to a therapist. JB must realize that knitting is your happy therapy. Think of it that way, and the price is cheap indeed!

    How's the "new" job going? Getting settled in some?

  4. The ladies at Twisted are awesome, aren't they? : ) Love your finds!

  5. You think like I do...right up the chocolate-raspberry sock yarn. Sounds like a time...woot!


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