March 9, 2011

Button, Button

These will get framed
 These are the buttons that will be framed.  They are tiny and rather non-descript and with 8 of them, there really aren't enough.  I see them on a blouse or something.   I just loved the way the looked and thought they would make nice art.

What a very interesting way to turn buttons into art?  And sort stuff from your button box to find sets.  I don't know about you - but my buttons are all a jumble.

The other buttons were just interesting to me.  There were some very pretty silver and turquoise ball buttons. 

In 2 different sizes - I grabbed 12 of the large ones and 6 of the smaller - I thought they would be nice added to a cardigan with the smaller being used as embellishment on the sleeves. 

 Next up - another stamped card of buttons.  But I thought these were lovely and could be used somewhere.  There are only 7 of them, but they would be a lovely accent on a cardigan or a button front skirt or even a shirt dress that doesn't button all the way.  

Finally - in the same booth as the ball buttons I ran across these lovely blue and white buttons. They remind me of old blue enamelware and I love them.  I can clearly see them going down the front of a white beignet skirt.  However - I believe I'll take the Simplicity straight skirt that fits and figure out how to make that a button front.  I think I can do it.  And I know it fits.  Now to find some heavy white denim.  Please don't point out that wearing a white skirt has the same risks in my house as wearing wool. 


  1. Neat! Love the art piece. There's no threat in me organizing my buttons on cardstock, but I might could use lone buttons on cards...

  2. Great finds. Can't wait to see the frame you select for the art piece. I wouldn't dare mention the white denim issue...I mean, we have to wear something, and with critters all areas are fraught with danger, right?

  3. So maybe if the skirt pattern fits the way it is, instead of changing it about, you could make a fake button placket (complete with the button holes and the buttons sewn on) and just sop stitch it down the center front of the skirt? (Just brainstorming here.)

  4. White denim is washable. Dog drool happens.

    All of my buttons are in a plastic container, not organized. It's so sad. and I like Barbara's idea of adding a "faux" placket to the front of your skirt (if you Frenchify the word, the technique sounds so much fancier, right?). You can also put a row of buttons down a side slit on a skirt, small ones about an inch apart. I bought one that way about 25 years ago, and it was pretty cute.

  5. I also had a skirt with a side slit with button trim. I loved it.


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