March 6, 2011

Boutique Blog

Last month Chan nominated me with the Stylish blogger Award and then today Beangirl did the same.  I am honored - thank you girls.   Today's title?  Brought to you by Mary Nanna.  Why?  Well Beangirl gave her list of criteria for who she nominated and it was:  they read my blog and comment and have fewer than 100 followers.  Followed by:  Guess we unpopular gals have to stick together.   I'm still thanking Beangirl anyway.

So the rules say, tell 7 things about yourself nobody knows:

*I'm so ready for a new tatoo.
*I just make a denim skirt that I love
*I have 3 years of Burda Magazine and have never made a single item.
*I just completed my first successful Ottobre patter and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
*I want a shirt dress pattern that works, but I would rather have finished clothing before tackling that project.
*I hate quilting, and yet I'm drawn to quilt patterns like a moth to flame.
*I don't really love wearing handknit socks.

And now - the nominations: 

Mary Nanna

thanks for the inspiration girls.  


  1. Ha! Thank your for my nomination which I accept with pride as a fellow "boutique blogger".

    I love having a small following - I love that regular readers drop by and I get to know them. I love the interest we take in each other's lives and sewing worlds. I have no desire to be popular or well known but sharing with a few likeminded people is wonderful.

  2. What?! You make tons of hand knit socks, and you wear them...but you don't really like to wear them??? Um...congrats on the least.

  3. what??? you don't like wearing handknit socks?? ok...that one surprised me a little!

  4. It's surprising how little everyone likes to be called "unpopular", isn't it? ;-)

    I like your 7 things! I would NOT have guessed those.

  5. At the risk of sounding repetitious - you don't like wearing your beautiful hand knit socks !!! ???

    Confession - I don't think I like wearing 'em as much as I should after spending up to 6 weeks making 'em, but I haven't exactly figured out why that is.

  6. So what will your new tattoo be of?

  7. So you have made yourself a denim skirt you love? Excellent! You don't have to love wearing your socks; they're kind of "therapy" - keeping you sane in a nutty world. Your list was a lot less complicated than mine, wasn't it?

  8. I can't believe you don't love wearing handknit socks.
    Have we seen you denim skirt?

    We'll have to get you knitting mittens or gloves or something!

  9. Love my black, full-skirted shirt dress. It's a petite, or I'd send it to you. I still could... I'm sure you'd figure out how to turn it into a pattern.

    Add me to the shocked list. No wonder you're gifting more and more socks.

    What's the new tat going to be of?

  10. Thank you!!! : ) I don't consider myself stylish, but I'll accept the compliment anyhow. lol


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