March 25, 2011

J. Crew?

this is what I wore on Wednesday - see I'm still wearing me made.  I'm just not getting photos taken.

Last week  got my hair cut.  I had to find a new stylist since I'm not working downtown any longer and I wasn't willing to go downtown to get it done.  This girl did a great job - but I'm not so good at styling it myself.  It looked cute and I popped some scrabble tile bobby pins in.  They stay put and are fun.  If anyone needs some - let me know what letters you want.

Anyway - I had to run to the bank and the was visiting with the bank manager who said I looked like I had stepped out of a J. Crew ad.  My friend Anna said I didn't have enough collars and layers on - so we decided it was most likely the lack of color.

The skirt is a taupe and cream wool - it's not a herringbone, but the two colors do create a stripe which I altered up and down in each panel.  I can't even remember how long ago I made this skirt - but I know The Princess was still in high school and I was still sewing in the formal living room and using pattern master.  So it was long, long ago. 

When I first finished it - it was too big.  Story of my life.  I put it away for a few years thinking I would take it in - but really I know myself well enough.  I'm glad I didn't give it away.  It was also very itchy, I used the wool for a simple foldover waistband and that was a bad idea.  Now it fits very well (although I'm growing out of it - in a good way) and I just wear a cami and slip.

Oh - and the glasses?  I only wear them when I drive.  I had just gotten home and had JB's attention so I hadn't taken them off yet.  The sweater and cami were purchased. 

And now....  I'm off to make some new clothes.  Happy Weekend Everyone.


  1. Nice look! I agree that there aren't enough collars and cuffs, but still!!

  2. Cute outfit and cute hair! Have fun at the sewing retreat!

  3. The skirt is cute. Do you still have the pattern? You should add it to your faves. I agree on the collar and cuff thing.

  4. All you need to spice things up is a great scarf! I bet you have the skirt...maybe you WILL have to take it in...just like you'd plannned. :-)

  5. I like the skirt! You do look like a preppy ad, probably because of the shades of gray. I spent 6 days in me-made dressing gowns, and have lost the picture urge - wonder why? I think maybe a trip to Joann's is in order to see if they have notions there to inspire me. I want spring, but am surrounded by snow. Argh!

  6. So what are you making?? love the skirt!

  7. The skirt and top looks really good together - just add a scarf etc.. to pump up on the colour. I'm delighted that you can wear grey(gray)shades so well as they just wash me out.

    I've just noticed your shoes - so good with the cut and length of the woollen skirt. Wow, Gaylen, your tailoring skills are so good.

    If you decide to add a collar and cuff to the outfit then please use colour, colours that you like will look so good.

    I will stop and go away now, sending love,care and huggles, Michelle with a silent (!) sleeping Zebby CT

  8. that skirt is super cute!! You do look lovely. Hope you are having a great time, sewing and gabbing your little heart out!

  9. If I did the stylish 'collars and cuffs' thing, I'd die of a heat stroke. lol I do good to wear one layer without sweating to death. Stoopid hot flashes.


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