March 8, 2011

I Went to Expo

and while I seemed to spend my entire budget - I really didn't come home with much.  At least not in as compared to years past. 

This year I was on a button kick.  One booth had buttons sewn onto cardstock and embellished with stamping.  I bought one card that I actually plan to frame and hang in the studio - it's just that pretty.

On the fabric front - I bought a that beautiful red wool from Pendelton.

Mary - Pendleton will be having their sale while I'm visiting - you game to go shopping?  I've had such good luck with the straight skirt pattern lately that the plan is to turn the red wool into a lined straight skirt.  I can do that - right?  So - in honesty - this is what scares me about wool - first, the care.  I have slobbery dogs.  I asked the woman at Pendelton and she said yes, I could put it in the washer, just do so on delicate and hang dry.  Washed before making equals wash after making.  I'm good with that.  

Second - the pressing - there is all this talk of needing special tools.  Half of them I don't know what they are or what they are for.  I have a ham and a seam roll (which I need to replace as one lovely dog ate one end), but a dabber?  Anything else I have to have to sew this up? 

As I was looking at the beautiful red fabric I said to my friend E - it's lovely, but I don't wear red.  She just looked at me and laughed.  Finally she said, ummm, yea, you do!  I was wear the red print skirt with the lovely lining, a red turtleneck, brown tights and red ballet flats.  Umm - yea, guess I do.  


  1. Love the print. Want to see the button thingee you're framing, please?

  2. I like sewing wool. It handles nicely. By the way, I don't have any of those tools. All I use is a pressing cloth.

    Wool is pretty strong and as long as you don't get a very light color that shows slobber, you should be fine.

    Enjoy it.

  3. Red is a great color for you, so you should wear red! I sewed one wool skirt once, and my dearly beloved helpfully washed and dried it. It became a child's skirt *sigh*.

  4. I've been waiting for your Expo post! I'm totally up for Pendleton the sale at their outlet in Portland, the Camas plant or at the Mill End? We need to plan our strategy...what is JB planning to do? Does he like to go on these kind of expeditions? Tom hasn't committed yet! :)

  5. I love the red wool! I think you'll find wool a real pleasure to sew. I sew it quite a bit (note to self: Move out of Texas) and don't have anything fancier than a pressing ham. Wool presses and sews beautifully. It's lovely for a shaped garment as you can shape it nicely with steam.

  6. so excited to see the finished skirt! i want to see the button thingee, too!! ;o)

  7. That's so funny about not wearing red ~ we never see ourselves as well as others do :)

    I've recently discovered a love of buttons ~

  8. Expo sounds like fun! I totally get the button thing...Personally, I love red and used to wear it often. Nowadays I wear it less, but still confess to being picky about which reds.

  9. I sew wool all the time and I don't use a dabbler. Every technique doesn't have to be used with everything we make. And I agree with Sue, wool is a strong fabric...unless your dogs grab and chew your skirt, you will be fine.

  10. Nice! I so wanted to go this year, but just couldn't swing it. Maybe next year - then we finally meet in real life :-)


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