March 10, 2011


No - we do not have a new dog. But we did have a 'guest' dog for 4 and half days.

The longest 4.5 days of my life.
Apollo is a year old rotweiller puppy and he is a busy, busy boy.
My dogs didn't really enjoy having him here.
But now they are acting like they miss them.


  1. Dealing with dogs other than your own teaches us to appreciate how well behaved our dogs are.

  2. But isn't that always the way with kids?? They act like they hate their siblings until they are separated.

  3. typical! I found an abandoned Chihuahua in the store parking lot and had to keep her for about 4-5 days once. Same story with my dogs...get that thing out of here!....oh no, what did you do with her?

  4. I'm sure they were polite to Apollo, even if the kid was way too bouncy. And now they want to know where the entertainment squad is....surely you don't expect THEM to bounce around like THAT, do you?

  5. They probably miss the entertainment. He's a big pup, I can understand why you're all tired.

  6. So funny aren't they? Act like they don't like him but now want him back. We're certainly never bored with dogs around are we?

  7. Sounds like they had a crazy toddler in the house for a few days. lol


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