March 24, 2011

Not My Dog

Last Sunday while we were climbing to the top of a mountain we passed many dogs.
Big dogs, little dogs, all of them.
This guy needed a break and got off the trail and out of the way. 
We saw him again later at the top.


  1. Cute. My girls aren't quite well behaved enough for public walking yet. Sis pulls and wants to play, and Gretchen acts like a yappy mess...

  2. Awww. How cute :) Simcha and I take an "off leash" hike every morning and we love it. He has been well socialized and his issues come from wanting to play with older dogs that just aren't "that into it" anymore - LOL

  3. Poor guy! He just needed a breather.

  4. I love this game :)


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