February 13, 2011

Me Made March

I am sure many of you know about far more sewing blogs than I.  I stubbled across So Zo on Mary's blog - and I thought - ya know, I could do this.  I wear me made stuff Monday through Thursday without fail.  But Friday through Sunday - well that's another story.  In fact on Sunday I tend to live in yoga pants and so far - I haven't made any of my own.  So - I thought I'd try this.  Last year I ran across people who participated in Me Made May as well as Self Stitched September.   

'I, gMarie from gMarie sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of March 2011.'
And take the photo each day - that will be hard part really.  Because - I can tell you I wore the 'saddle' colored cord straight skirt to the ASG meeting on Saturday - I paired it with black tights and boots, and a dark grey turtleneck with the grey alpaca cardi.  There is no proof.  The skirt was comfortable and wore well, it didn't spin (a problem I often have) - however, the little kick pleats looks less than lovely after about 5 steps.

Thanks for reading along - I'm going photoless today :)  


  1. Yay!!! Glad you're going to play along too! I thought about it last May and September (but didn't commit). March seems like the right month to do it. And hey, maybe you'll make some well loved yoga pants in the process!!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see.

    (Did you topstitch the kickpleat? Sometimes, depending on the style of course, that helps.)

  3. Neato! So. Are you going to make yoga pants?

  4. That sounds like a great outfit. Put it back on and make J take a picture.

    This challenge should be fun. You can try some new things starting with yoga pants. Want me to find some ideas for you?

  5. I could do the Me-Made-March thing, but I don't get the picture a day thing going.

    Go for the yoga pants! Do you want me to send you some loud gold velour to get the project started?

  6. Sounds like fun. Heh...you could get a way with your hand-knit socks on days you want to wear your yoga pants. :-) You have no shortage of those...

  7. Good for you - looking forward to seeing the pics.

    One of these days, I may hacve enough pieces to try it.

    BTW the swift is finally posted if you still wanna see :-)

  8. I can't do March, but I'm hoping by May maybe (ha, no pun intended) I could do it? Assuming there's another MMMay.

  9. I can verify that she wore it Saturday. G you looked great!

  10. i can't wait to see whatcha got for March!!!
    i would run out of stuff by March 2, unless bags count! then it would be March 3rd! LOL!

  11. oooh, good luck!
    i need to figure out the pants fitting thing before i can do one of these... i'm so impressed by folks who have that down & go a whole month on stuff they've made! you're posting outfit pictures here, right? :-)

  12. Yay for you!
    I so wish I liked to wear skirts and didn't have an ugly leg brace. maybe I could paint it ;)

    Are you going to make the yoga pants?

  13. Yoga pants are awesome. I would live in them every day if I could.

    I could do a Me Made March if I included all my socks. lol Otherwise, y'all would just get about 5 recycled pictures. ; )

  14. Wow that will be fun!
    I will refrain because. Just like a little child. Why? ahcuz. Unless of course..does wrapping yourself in the fabric count ?

    Have fun !


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