November 5, 2008

Purse Knitting

I don't discuss politics here -not because I don't care, not because I'm uninformed, not because I don't vote. I do care, I do my research and am informed and I do vote. I don't discuss it, because I feel it is a very private and personal matter. I am shocked at how quickly the election was called last night. In Washington they had announced Barack Obama as President Elect by 8:30 Pacific - amazing! On to crafty stuff - I always keep knitting in my purse, or another bag that I carry along. This is the current purse knitting. Another pair of socks - I know! These are knit toe-up, both as the same time, using the magic looping method. These socks are Online Hiking and the color is Just Like Rose. The fiber is 75% wool and 25% poly to make them superwash. According to the ball band gauge is 7.5 stitches per inch on US1-2s. I'm knitting them on US00s (1.75mm). I originally started them on US1s and the fabric was too loose. A person would walk right through them in no time flat. Since these are destined to be gifts - I want them to stand up. I feel like I have been working on these for-ever! I'm bored with them. I started by casting on 32 stitches, working the toes in garter stitch. The foot is boring stockinette - no pattern to keep my interest. I have a few more inches and then I can put the stitches for heels on waste yarn and continue knitting, ever knitting toward the top. These are planned to be short socks, so just after the ankle bone, I'll do a few rows of 2x ribbing (just to help hold them up) then some more garter so there will be a little rolled edge. Heel will be after-thought and also done in garter. That's all I've got today. Have a great day everyone!


  1. NEVER EVER should a national election get called until the polls are closed on the west coast.


  2. I second Chan's statement. WTF, don't you Westerners deserve to feel like your votes count for something?

    I hate it when I mentally commit myself to making something and it's just really boooorrrrringgggg! It's so hard to make myself do it. Persevere, my friend, persevere. Then you can give them away, and see them only in pictures thereafter!

  3. 8:30 ? Wow ! The station I was watching - ABC, I think, made a point (many times !) of not jumping the gun...anything can happen.

    I like keeping up with your projects - even the ones you think boring LOl - one of these days, I'm going to attempt socks.

  4. I decided a long time ago that plain stockinette socks are the quickest way to the white padded room for me. lol Some people rock along with them, but I just can't do it.

    I'm not very political on my blog either. I just get tired of the mudslinging they do in front of God and everybody. Blech.

  5. It's the computer age. I'm in Europe and you'd better believe that when the polls close at 6pm the results are in by 7pm, latest 8 but by 7 the country knows who has won.

    The deck....any pictures? Would love to see the outcome.


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