November 7, 2008

Because You Asked

I'm not sure who you are, but you did ask. So, here ya go: JB got the benches built while I was at the Retreat early in October. You can get a better idea of how big the deck really will be in these photos. You can see that all the stuff is still on the remaining old deck.
The benches themselves will lift off the support for storage. But since JB has stained every single cut edge on every single board in the entire deck - I don't think there is any reason to take the seats inside. As you see the benches are built into the framework of the deck.
Finally on the birthday weekend he got the remaining original decking removed, hauled away, new decking purchased and the stain decided upon. The view above - straight down to the dog yard - watch the first step . . .
There is not about 6' of decking from the door out. Both sides have been stained, gap set and boards screwed to the frame. We are now into the rainy season in Western Washington so I'm not sure when it will get finished. I do know he planning on setting up a stain stop in the garage again. It's slow going, but JB is doing all the work himself and overdoing it all.


  1. Looks good. I know you'll enjoy it when it's finished!

  2. Thanks for the pictures and so quickly. That deck is fantastic! Your DH is doing a wonderful be envied, and so well done too. I guess if it worth doing then it worth doing well.

    Your original deck was really too narrow to entertain, now you'll have all that luxurious space. I love decks and have at least 4 books on how to build decks, but do you think my DH will take a hint? We have 2 small terraces in the back and 1 of them I literally build myself because he ignored me and my idea and didn't want any part of it. I purchased the sand 2cubic meters, dug out the area designate, carted the earth away, filled the area with sand and only then did he come out to help lay the stones (which I also purchased and transported to backyard). It was a success and was a great idea, right off the kitchen. Woman power!!!

  3. I love this deck! JB's doing great. Bet you can't wait for your brother to come help change the window.


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