November 12, 2008

Autumn Coffee Swap Part 4

This week the topic is to take a virtual walk through the other participants blog and find someone you have something in common with. Well I can do that without blog surfing, for example: Channon and I both love all things pumpkin - sweet, savory, or liquid (pumpkin latte, anyone?) - it's all great! We have shared many pumpkin recipes of the last couple of Falls. Nicole and I are all about the dogs. She's just much better and selfless about it than I am. She volunteers regularly with various dog groups to help make dogs' lives better. Occasionally, I make dog beds to donate. The Princess is actually my daughter. If you used to follow along on her adventures as a Nanny in New England - let me tell you she's blogging regularly again - apparently she got tired of mom nagging her about not updating :) Finally Cami ~~ hmmm, I don't know what we have in common. She can knit, I can't. She owns her own business, I work for others. She has 5 kids, 1 dog & a cat, I have 2 kids and 4 dogs. But I can tell you I have talked to her numerous times - at least once a week. We would be fabulously inseparable friends if we didn't live thousands of miles apart. Oh I know - we both love our husbands after being together for lots of years. Okay - so you really want to know about people I don't know? Fine, I'll go check out some more blogs - don't go away. Angie, who blogs as Cycling Knitter, lives in England. I lived there for enough time in the 80s that I can't give blood (dormant mad cow, ya know). She just bought her first Amy Butler book and is thinking of crossing the line and participating in multiple crafts - knitting and sewing! Jill seems to knit a lot of socks (me too!) and she belongs to a couple of sock clubs. I've always wanted to do that, but I've been scared. She has a fabulous collection of sock yarns. kniteurope also knits and sews. She has a Handmade Holidays list that is longer than my arm. Stop by and wish her well. Prairie Girl has lost her knitting mojo. Go wish her well - we've all been there and it's no fun. Plus I was reading along and she makes knitting mistakes and announces them to the world too. I like to think I'm keeping someone else from being a bonehead by announcing my mistakes.


  1. This is a really nice summary of your autumn coffee swap friends! I learned very rudimentary knitting skills many years ago, and if I took it up again, I would totally study yours to try not to be a bonehead!

    DOT Tomorrow! I won't forget this week!

  2. And I'm in pumpkin heaven! I FINALLY made the pumpkin & sausage penne last night, and my only regret is that I left the leftovers at home this morning!


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