November 21, 2007

It's Been a Rough Week

and it's only Wednesday Morning! Monday I woke up sick. I had a horrible case of the flu. I called in sick to work. I have never called in sick - I have gone home early with a sore throat, but never stayed home all day. I laid on the couch and only moved to rush to the bathroom. I haven't been that sick in a long time! It was horrible. Tuesday was much better, although I was still really weak. I did go to work with the intention of working half a day. I ended up staying all day, but it's okay it makes it a little easier to be off until Next Wednesday. JB plays WhirlyBall on Tuesday nights, so I worked on his Christmas sweater while he was gone then switched to a Christmas sock when he got home. He then informed me that the water heater had died. Then he started feeling ill. This morning, he called in sick for work - in the 15+ years I've known the man, he has never called in sick - not once. Today, I still need to firm up our Turkey Day for 2 menu, go shopping, pick up the turkey (which I hate, but JB loves), meet with the guy from Washington Energy Services about a new water heater, do a little pre-baking (cornbread for stuffing, pie) and hopefully make it to knit knight. That will of course depend on how JB is feeling and how the pre-baking goes. Hope you all have a more relaxing Pre-Turkey Day than I am - good thing I took a vacation day today!


  1. Oh my goodness! It's not Friday the 13th, so what the heck...?? Hope you're all healthy and happy tomorrow!

  2. Hope you feel better for tomorrow. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh no. It sounds like you all had it, even the Princess.

    Glad that you are feeling better. Hope that you got every thing that you needed.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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