April 17, 2009

We Have a Winner!

I had three people interested in reading the book I offered up a few posts back. Channon, Cynical Knit Gal, and Nicole. Well - Fudge had offered to pick a winner for me and since my pack is pretty pathetic at this - I took him up on his offer. You may not know (and don't tell Beau) but Fudge would be my heard dog if Beau wasn't. I just love him :)
So, I emailed Sue and asked her to take care of it :) She sat down with Fudge and Samba maybe? She has three pieces of paper in her hands with names written on them. She then asked Fudge to pick one.

You can see Fudge with a slip of paper in his mouth. He was probably quite disappointed it wasn't a cookie :) But he picked Cynical Knit Gal who I have emailed and am waiting for an address. Contact me - I'll get the book right out to you.

For anyone who cares: Please update your address books. JB got a wild hair and cancelled our comcast account. So my email is going away. So I don't have to do this again - I've set up a gmail account and my email is now: gmariesews at gmail dot com. Of course you need to change the "at" and "dot" to the proper symbols.


  1. Fudge says he has a fan club and he wants you to be President.

  2. I love how he has an audience while he draws... The girls have been practicing, but Sissy still doesn't understand why she can't have as many as her mouth can hold...

  3. "Got a wild hair"? I've never heard that one before. It makes me chuckle.

  4. Fudge is a good boy. How nice of him to help you out. If I want Thor to select a name, I have to wait for him to step on one. Some dogs are very well trained, then there are the rest of ours, who are lovable but don't necessarily do as asked.

  5. How exciting! I rarely win a thing. I will email back right away!

  6. Is Fudge a Portie? Fred's first girlfriend was a Portie! Her name was Estrella, and she was a live-aboard with her owners in Key West, on a lovely little yacht. good life for a Portie! They met at the dog beach in Key West, and it was TRUELOVE at first site for both of them!


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