April 7, 2009

Remember This?

This is my secret of the stole stole. The link takes you back to all the posts on this. I had some trouble and then got behind.
Having just finished another sock, and having nothing else to work on - I drug it out again. I finished up Hint 5 over the weekend. Since there are 9 hints, I figure that makes me halfway done. Because after 9 hints there is still blocking to be done.
I'm hoping to get busy on Hint 6 this week.


  1. I've always wanted to join one of those. What you've done of that one looks pretty. :-)

  2. Way to go! I never even got past the swatch on that one. I think I just don't like mystery kals.

  3. I think it's turning out pretty! That's a nice neutral color. I'm not much of one for following someone else's schedule, so I'd be years behind on such a project.

  4. Very pretty! I started a shawl with hints but I got behind on the hints. So it jumped in the frog pond:)

  5. Looks great so far!! Keep it up and you can finish it in no time! Good Luck! DK


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