April 14, 2009

Passing Along the Good

Finally! I've finished this book. I got this book from Sue (scroll down on this post), who got it from Golden Tracks who got it from Monica who started passing this book along back in January. Betsy Greer (who authored this book) gives insight into the personal and social benefits of knitting as well as the emotional reasons for why we knit. There are a few patterns included in the book, but this is far more about why we knit and why we should knit. Here are the rules for the Book Pass Along: 1. When you receive the book, please go to Monica's blog and add yourself to the world map she's installed, so those interested can see where the book is. Please add your Name, location and your blog address, so we can visit, and for those who want the book, to leave a comment on your blog. 2. Read the book, enjoy it, let it inspire you, then do a draw, so you can pass it on. Best to copy the rules to your blog post with a link to Monica's blog, (so others who know nothing about her can know what's going on.) She glued a page into the book with the rules. It would be nice if the book did not lie around too long at any one point Well I kinda blew the not lie around too long part. I'm not sure how long I've had the book - but I read it and I'm ready to pass it along. Leave a comment if you're interest. I'll get it out this week. I have finished the book and am ready to send it to the next reader. If you would like to share in the Book Pass Along, leave a comment on this post. I will have Fudge select from the comments (he'll be fair, he can't read) and I will notify you that you have been selected. Once you have been selected, you can contact me with your address and I will send the book on to you.There is a list inside the book for each person to sign when you receive it. Where will it go next???


  1. Fudge will be happy to help you choose. He's really getting into this selecting thing.

  2. We'd love to have it next. Of course, Gretchen will think the photo is of her beloved Orbi ball...

  3. If its on its way to Chan, I'd love to be in line to get it from her! :) What a great idea.


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