April 22, 2009


I'm very boring lately. Have been working out, knitting, and walking dogs. But not any sewing. I still haven't finished the dresses from retreat. I don't even have any finished knitting to show off. But I'm starting to get my head back around to crafting. Anyway - I thought I would share a photo of the flowering cherry in our yard. It's lovely. But it's raining today so it will most likely be neeked when I get home. How silly is it that we have a cherry tree that doesn't produce fruit - in Washington?


  1. Beauteous pic... makes me say Ah-Choo... but its gorgeous!

  2. Boring? NOT !

    We all have to take occasional breaks from our favorite activities to refresh the imagination. You'll get back in your groove soon.

    Is JB still home? That could be a big factor. I have a harder time concentrating on things when Rob is around.

  3. That's beautiful. I fear the hail stripped the dogwoods I've wanted to photograph!

  4. Our first tree bloomed this morning. I'm looking forward to more! We keep getting rain, rain, rain...Thor is crying because he can't go out to play.

  5. Saw some beautiful blooming trees on our way back to OH Easter weekend! Can't wait until our trees start to bloom (lilac, crabapple, redbud)!


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