April 13, 2009

Lazy Easter Sunday

It was a very, very lazy kind of weekend. We had the Anderson Renewal people in to give an estimate on the new windows. Absolutely beautiful product - outrageously expensive! I'm not sure we can afford it. Saturday I had ASG - fabulous meeting. We got to look at some couture clothing made by a highly respected teacher at Seattle Central. She's retired now, but still sewing. She brought in wonderful garments she had made through the years using tailoring and couture techniques. We also took the big dogs (Beau & Lucy) down to the bathe them yourself spa. We didn't take any photos, but it was easier than bathing them in the house. JB brushed another dog out of Beau and he's still shedding. We promised to take them to the dog park on Sunday so they could show off how beautiful it was - but it rained all day. Just dumping down rain - I didn't leave the house all day. JB baked cookies for the dogs - these were from a mix that JD2 bought me a couple of years ago. Finally got around to getting them made. They had to bake for 2 hours! They are very crunchy cookies. There were also snickerdoodles for the humans. All in all a very low key weekend. How about yours?


  1. hey, my 'rents just re-did all the windows in their house. They LOVE them, but did not go with Anderson. I will find out who they used and get back to you!

  2. College kids home, lots of food, not much of anything else, great weekend all in all.

    Our windows are original to the house, but one of the 2 prior owners paid a small fortune to put storm windows everywhere. With my 12" to 18" thick walls, we don't suffer from drafts, happy to say. Andersen has always been the most expensive. I think Pella's just as good but less pricy. Hubby swears that generic wood windows with storm windows are just as good and a lot less $$$.

  3. We have Martin windows. No drafts.

    I promised weeks ago to bake cookies for the pack. Today might be a good day to do it, gloomy outside. I need to make some for us, too. No Easter baskets this year, so I'll need a chocolate fix.

  4. We'll be doing windows one day too. I'll be curious to hear what you settle upon...

  5. We wish our Dad would bake us cookies...


    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie...

  6. Sounds like fun!! I've baked the dogs treats before it's fun!


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