April 10, 2009

It's Another

6::12 pair of socks. This 6th official pair finished this year. Technically - I have finished 8 pairs this year, but 6 were also started this year! My friend Channon wanted a cute, short pair of summer socks. So she searched the pattern database at Ravelry (really what are you waiting for?) and came up with a pattern. But it was weird and she didn't love it.
So, she did what any normal knitter would do - she re-wrote the pattern, with her own changed and modifications and then she shipped it out to a few people to knit up. I knit my test pair following her directions exactly in her size - I hope. I knit to the correct length before putting in the waste yarn, not for afterthought heels but this time for an afterthought ankle. They turned out a bit short in length so I hope they have enough give. I put these in the mail on Tuesday and she should have them by the weekend (if not today) to give us a report on whether they fit. And I have enough of the Heart and Sole left to make another pair. Win-Win!


  1. They fit perfectly and I love 'em!!! Thank you so much.

  2. I just saw them on Chan's feet and they look good.

    Have a terrific weekend and kiss those big old hounds of yours for me.

  3. An aftertought ankle? Wow! I've never heard of that! Cool!

    Thanks so much for my pin cushion!!! It got here yesterday! Squeee!

  4. AI saw them on Chan's blog, and she was quite pleased with them. They're really nice!


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