April 11, 2009

This Has Got to be My Favorite

A couple of years ago I had a vision. I wanted a black and white skirt with handmade lace peeking out from the hem. I had originally thought that I would crochet the lace so I made a lining from white muslin, starched the heck out of it and hemmed it with a wing needle which created little holes so I could crochet lace directly to the lining.
I knew the skirt would be from my favorite Kwik Sew skirt pattern (I think I've made 12 skirts from this pattern over the last 2 years). I tried several different crocheted lace samples on a sample of the lining. Nothing looked right. So I set it aside and made other things. Then I found the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of the Debbie Bliss magazine. There was a pattern for knit lace shown on the edge of a shelf. That was it! I knew it instantly.
I spent a couple of evenings knitting the lace, then I washed it in hot water - twice. Drying it in the dryer.
I have worn this skirt twice and I love it. It is fun and flirty. Wednesday I work it to knitting group and everyone had to lift my skirt and look at the lace. Today it was ASG - again several people had to lift my skirt to look at the lace. Then when I was in the grocery store, some man walking past me said "You look great in that skirt!"
It's a winner!


  1. That is really a nice skirt and looks great on you! Good job!

  2. The skirt turned out great. I love black and white anyway, but the lace pattern is perfect. Isn't it fun when an idea works out so well?

  3. A very pretty skirt - I like the black&white print. It's nice when it's noticed by others, too

  4. Gay - it's beautiful! And I love how you combined your twin crafts to get one magnificent skirt. Isn't it great to have an idea and then bring it to fruition?! Beautiful...simply beautiful!

  5. It's a great skirt. I like that you brightened it with the pink top. I am also still envious that you have warm enough weather to wear sleeveless tops! It's 38 here today, but at least the sun is shining as we freeze our buns off!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Aren't compliments awesome!? I love that skirt too!


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